Trouble Shooting Guide

Over 90% of problems you may experience are usually solved by the following…


Ensure the batteries are fully charged. Charge depends on the amount of sun and the amount of use. If the RED lamp does not illuminate on the front of the camera it is usually flat batteries. To check this remove the rubber plug on the base of the camera and use the reset tool provided (or some other NON metallic rod) to push the power button, if the red lamp does not illuminate your batteries are flat.

If you have the PIR, or the NOTIFICATION feature in use, this WILL use power. Go to settings and uncheck. We do have higher power batteries available please visit our shop.


Ensure you have not run out of data as this will prevent the camera being accessed by the app. If the BLUE lamp illuminates on the camera but you cannot access the camera you have NO data.


The quality and strength of your mobile signal will affect performance. Try relocating or even swopping your sim for another provider. The BLUE lamp may illuminate but there is insufficient signal to see pictures (similar to having 1 bar signal on your mobile phone, it constantly drops out).

Please check ALL of the above before contacting Ian on 07990532670 or