123Cam Solar Powered Outdoor 4G 1080p Surveillance Camera PTZ


+ £6.30 P&P




123Cam PTZ

Solar Powered Outdoor 4G 1080p Surveillance Camera

As easy as 123!

1. Insert SIM & Micro SD card*

2. Locate camera

3. Download app

Just like 123Cam, 123Cam PTZ is an innovative new product delivers a quality high definition CCTV monitoring system where there is no power or WiFi. This is achieved by utilising the UK’s vast mobile phone network and a new generation of CCTV cameras. There’s no need for a mains electric supply and even if you run out of data credit, the camera continues to record onto SD Card.

123Cam PTZ pans, tilts and zooms! using simple controls on your mobile device

Camera kit includes: The 123Cam Mobile CCTV Camera | Antenna | Mounting Bracket | 3 meter power cable | Instruction booklet

*SIM & Micro SD card not included