FAQ about Watch Your Horse CCTV cameras

If you have any other questions about Watch Your Horse CCTV cameras, please drop us a line and we’ll get back to you. If you feel that other customers may benefit from any additional FAQs, please drop us a line and we’ll add it to this page – the more the merrier!

Does the data get used when I'm not viewing the camera?

No. Data is only used when you are logged into the camera app.

What kind of data package should I buy?

In most cases a prepaid data sim card from the likes of 3mobile etc will be sufficient for everyday usage. Ensure the SIM card does not have a short expiry time. For frequent or constant viewing a pay monthly data sim would be recommended.

Which camera should I choose?

The standard camera has an integrated solar panel and is really only suitable for outdoors.

The PLUS camera also has the integrated solar panel but also has the advantage of being connected to an external 12v supply, car battery etc. This camera can also be used indoors.

How long will the batteries last without any sunshine?

The batteries will operate on standby for up to 2 days. The more the camera is activated the more power is used. By using the optional 12v power kit, the camera can operate without any limitations of the internal batteries.